Dry Skin Care

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Today, we are going to discuss how to know that you have dry skin and the proper care guidance for this kind of skin type. Dry skin lacks natural oil and moisture which is the essential requirement for healthy glowing skin. If you have dry skin, you may notice flakiness and tightness. You may also see that your skin gets taut immediately after cleansing. Dry skin is more prone to lines and wrinkles than any other skin type and thus requires more care. Premature aging is usually the number one concern for people with dry skin.

Follow these general recommendations if you notice above mentioned symptoms on your skin:

  1. Avoid soap of face and body: Soap is too drying, and it should be avoided. Instead of soap, opt for a moisturizing cleanser. Moisturizing cleansers are soothing for dry skin and come in both foaming and cream formulations.
  2. Avoid toners with alcohol: Alcohol is extremely drying, and products with alcohol should be avoided. People with dry skin should go for natural toners and hydrating mists like rosewater, coconut water, and glycerine blend.
  3. Use natural oils: Oils are dry skin’s best friend. I have extremely dry skin, and oil is the only solution that works especially during winter season. Apply body oil on slightly damp skin and then apply a natural body cream or lotion with shea butter.
  4. Oat bath: If you suffer from dehydrated skin, try an oatmeal warm water bath — oatmeal when wet covers the entire skin surface with moisturizing and soothing oat milk.

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