Ashwagandha Oil 2 Oz

    Ashwagandha Oil 2 Oz

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    For Calming Stress Related Hair and Skin Conditions

    Ashwagandha oil is a natural adaptogen that helps control stress-related hair loss and various skin conditions.

    ✓ Helps control stress-related hair loss
    ✓ Nourishes scalp
    ✓ Strengthens hair roots
    ✓ Promotes hair growth
    ✓ Helps repair damaged hair
    ✓ Helps protect skin from environmental stressors
    ✓ Helps manage stress-related skin conditions

    Suitable for all hair and skin types.

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      Ashwagandha Oil

      A superfood for the skin and body, our Ashwagandha oil combines the phenomenal properties of ashwagandha herb with organic sesame seed oil in a traditional Ayurvedic preparation. An essential Ayurvedic herb prominently known for its adaptogenic/anti-stress properties, this oil is specially beneficial for those experiencing stress-related hair loss or skin issues. 

      The Ashwagandha oil is a versatile booster oil that is easy to include in your skincare, haircare, and overall wellness routine.


      ✓ Help reduce signs of aging
      ✓ Moisturizes aging skin
      ✓ Balances natural oils
      ✓ Creates the appearance of a brighter and smoother complexion
      ✓ Improve the overall appearance of the skin
      ✓ Help prevent hair loss caused by stress
      ✓ Help reduce scalp irritation
      ✓ Help reduce stress and promote overall wellness

      How to use

      Apply a few drops as desired to skin and hair or use as a massage oil.



      Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Withania Somnifera Root Extract

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