Are hair loss treatments effective?

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Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. It can occur as a typical sign of aging due to hormonal changes, and even some medical conditions result in hair loss. Genetics has also known to play a significant role in hair loss.

In most cases, with proper scalp care and nutrition, the temporary hair loss can be reversed. However, excessive hair loss can sometimes cause permanent baldness.

When hair loss is in its initial stages, only a few people go in for proper treatment. It is imperative to introduce scalp care at the first signs of hair loss or excessive shedding. Early care can sometimes make a significant impact on our overall hair loss prevention and hair growth journey.

There has always been a cloud over the veracity of hair loss products' claims regarding hair loss products. So how does one decide which hair loss products are effective and which are not?

To understand this, we need to know the real cause of hair loss.

A significant number of people witness hair loss due to DHT (the hormone related to male and female baldness). 

DHT is an androgen that causes hair follicles to shrink and leads to male pattern hair loss. Hair oils made with DHT blocking herbs like nettle and bhringraj can effectively block DHT and prevent hair loss. People experiencing early-stage hair thinning can benefit from such hair loss products. However, factors like age and any medical condition can bring about variance in overall effectiveness. 

Revitalize Natural Hair Oil is a safe product that helps with hair loss prevention caused due to DHT. 

Revitalize natural hair growth oil treatment is a natural hair oil formulated with luxury oils and natural herbs like BhringrajStinging NettleAmalaRosemary, and Peppermint. These herbs are scientifically proven in various studies to perform similar to popular hair loss prevention and hair growth drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride without usual side-effects.



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