Can yoga make your skin healthy and problem-free?

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If you have ever looked at the mirror and regret not taking care of your skin enough, you're not alone. In such a fast-forward moving world, our skin sufferers due to various factors such as stress, pollution, chemical products, bad eating habits, and much more. Here's something for you to give a try - get yourself a yoga mat. 

"A yoga mat for my skin?" - this must've been your initial response but wait, this article is here to make you understand everything about yoga and how it improves your skin very significantly. Doing yoga poses, which is also called asanas, is proven to have several health benefits. From increasing our strength to reducing stress, yoga is beneficial for all!

Now the most important part, yoga is known to make the skin healthier and more radiant. Some types of yoga result in providing temporary advantages. However, over time when one gets consistent in doing yoga, the improvement that can be seen is immense. Regular yoga helps in addressing the causes behind the skin appearing dull and damaged. 

How is yoga beneficial for the skin?

First, yoga is not that unrealistic advertisement that promises you clear skin after just 2 days. It will not magically transform your skin, just like none of those promised chemical products do. However, what yoga will do is improve your skin in a natural way and is very beneficial for the skin in the long run. Practicing yoga is beneficial for your skin in the following ways:


1. Reducing inflammation

Researches have shown that practicing yoga leads to a reduction in inflammation. Inflammation is the cause behind tiredness and depression, along with the other symptoms that may come up your skin. Practicing yoga will help your body in bringing down stress levels. It also works great in reducing stress-induced skin problems. All of this will result in healthier and radiant skin. 

2. Heals damaged skin cells

Breathing exercises are known to improve body healing as it enhances the flow of oxygen. This aids in the generation of cells. When we take deep breaths, our lungs open up for accommodating more amount of oxygen. This stimulates the delivery of blood directly to the skin cells. The oxygenated blood consists of regenerative qualities that cure damaged skin. This results in making your skin healthier and problem-free.

3. Prevents breakouts of acne

Yoga is a great medium for flushing out the toxins and impurities from the body. This enables it to also help in the prevention of acne. Just like yoga promotes detoxification, it also helps in the maintenance of hormone glands. For example, inverted asanas flood the head and neck with blood. This in turn helps in flushing the thyroid gland which is responsible for digestion. 

4. Getting rid of impurities

The best thing about yoga is not its health benefits. Rather it is its ability to enhance these benefits by heating up the core temperature, energizing the body, and throw out the toxins from the skin. Sweating results in cleaning up the pores of the skin by flushing out all of the impurities. It also helps in keeping the skin safe from various types of bacteria and fungus. These properties work together to give you clean and clear skin. 

5. Increases the blood circulation

Some of the poses in yoga are known to spark a quicker glow. This is possible as yoga increases the circulation of blood to your face and head. Improves blood circulation is the best thing that can possibly happen for your skin. The better is the blood circulation, the better will be the health and appearance of your skin. While other poses in yoga are specifically useful in calming down your brain and stress levels, leading to enhanced blood circulation. 

Which are the best yoga poses for the skin?

Following is the list of some of the best yoga poses that will help your skin to become healthy and radiant:

  • Downward-facing dog
  • Forward fold
  • Dolphin pose
  • Shoulder stand
  • Cobra pose

Yoga is a great medium for achieving a healthy body, hair, and skin. It provides your body and organs with fresh oxygen, that helps in improving the health and condition of the body and the organs. Go get yourself a yoga mat and see yourself having healthy and glowing skin.

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