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To all the curly hair women out there - You always have the spotlight, don't you? "Your hair is so beautiful, I wish I had natural curls like you!", the compliment that all curly hair women have received. We understand how much effort it takes for curly hair women to have a "good hair day". Curls are said to be uncomfortable and unpredictable to control and handle at times. 

The difference between hating on your natural curls and loving them lies within the hair routine. Curly hair cannot be easily managed unless you have the right routine and products. There are several tips that can make you manage your curls and make them look more beautiful. 

Below is the list of such helpful tips: 

1. Never use a brush on curly hair

A very common mistake found amongst women with curly hair, a brush is the biggest enemy for such kind of hair. Always resist your urge to use a brush on curly hair. Instead, a wide-toothed comb is the best thing for curly hair. Use it even before shampooing. After getting done with washing the hair, just run your fingers through your hair, and there you go! You avoided causing breakage and damage just by doing this simple step. 

2. Regular trimming to avoid split ends

Women with curly hair are advised to get their hair trimmed after every 6-8 weeks. Damaged hair can never look good and split ends just make your hair look frizzy. Curly hair also needs proper care to look healthy and fresh. A quick trim has the potential to make curly hair look bouncy, fresh, and beautiful. Make sure to visit your hairstylist every 6-8 weeks, no matter what.


3. Avoid doing excessive shampoo

Curly hair is very prone to dryness and hence becomes dry very easily. Excessively shampooing the curly hair will lead to suck out the moisture to a great extent. Apart from this, make sure to use a shampoo/conditioner with moisturising ingredients. Such products can take your hair game to the next level and add more beauty to your hair. Avoid using strong and harsh products on curly hair. 

4. Always use cold water for hair

A widely known fact, hot water shower damages your hair in a number of ways. It can strip off the natural oil and sebum, and cause a damaging effect on your scalp and hair. It also leads to the opening of the cuticle and causing frizziness and damage to curly hair. Whether shampooing or conditioning your hair, cold water rinses is the safest bet. Hence, always make sure that you never use hot water on your curly hair. 

5. Add conditioning treatment into the regimen

Whenever your curly hair is going through a dry or dull phase, the worst thing you can do is cause more damage to them. How? By applying a huge number of different products. Rather use your fingertips to apply a healthy hair serum or hair oil to the ends. It will give them the extra bounce and moisture they need to reduce the dullness of the hair. Using a leave-in conditioner is highly advised if your curls become dry way too frequently. 

Nothing can change overnight. Hence, it's very important to follow these tips on a consistent basis. If given the right care, curly hair can be very unique and beautiful. As previously said, there's a very thin line in between loving curly hair and hating them. That line is known as "a good hair care routine."

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