How to block DHT and regrow hair naturally

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An average person loses around 50-100 hair strands each day. However, many people start witnessing more and more hair loss with age, and most struggle to protect their hair. There could be many reasons for hair loss ranging from genetic to unhealthy lifestyle to the diet we consume. Today we will learn about the most common, age-related hair loss and how to control it.

Let us start by understanding why do we start losing hair with age?

As the human body grows, hormones bring about various body changes like weight, height, body shape, and the voice in males. Similarly, hair growth and hair loss is also a factor of hormonal changes.


How do hormones affect hair growth?

The hormone that affects hair growth is called DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone). With age, our body produces more DHT, which reaches various parts of our body via the bloodstream. On coming in contact with our hair follicles (under our scalp), DHT shrinks them, making them less effective in growing hair. This phenomenon occurs more in males than in females, leading to male pattern hair balding.


Different ways to reduce levels of DHT

DHT is a modified form of testosterone and comes from testosterone itself, and excessive DHT levels can cause hair loss. There are many ways to reduce DHT levels, but most methods have their side effects. As an example, Finasteride is known to reduce excessive DHT levels. Still, it can have serious side effects such as decreased sex drive, ejaculation disorder, an increase in breast size and tenderness, and skin rash.

We will, therefore, talk about only natural and safe ways to reduce DHT.

  1. Diet: Vegetables such as spinach, white mushroom, and kale are rich in zinc and contain phytosterol that is an effective DHT blocker. Similarly, tomatoes, watermelons, carrots, and mangoes are rich in lycopene, another effective DHT blocker.

  2. Lifestyle changes: Lifestyle changes, such as exercising, helps reduce stress. Other lifestyle changes like quitting smoking and doing scalp exercises also help reduce DHT levels and reduce hair loss.

  3. Herbal DHT blockers: Herbal DHT blockers are the safest way to block excessive DHT and reduce hair loss. Herbs such as stinging nettle, green tea, and rosemary have DHT blocking properties. Regularly applying oils made using DHT blocker herbs on the scalp can significantly benefit in reducing hair loss.

Revitalize natural hair growth treatment is a super enriched oil that contains DHT blockers such as stinging nettle and rosemary, along with most effective ayurvedic hair growth herbs like bhringraj, amla, castor oil, and argan oil. It helps prevent hair loss by strengthening hair follicles (DHT blocking), thickening thin hair, stimulating hair growth, and nourishing dull and dry hair. Revitalize is a very effective all-in-one solution for hair loss and hair thinning problems in both men and women.


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