Best home remedies for oily skin

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Oily skin is one of the most common skin problems faced by a human being. From teens to older age people, from girls to men, this problem is common amongst all. Oily skin is not at all an uncommon dermatological concern. 

Our skin's sebaceous glands produce natural oils to stay healthy. However, when the skin starts producing this oil in excess amounts, the skin becomes greasy and shiny. This is the very first symptom of oily skin. 

Oily skin can be quite tough to manage. Still, a few home remedies can often reduce these symptoms without involving an expensive skincare regime. Following are a few remedies for oily skin you try at home: 

1. Honey

Easily one of nature's most gifted skin remedies, honey is easily available everywhere. Thanks to its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, it can do wonders to oily and acne-prone skin. It also helps to keep the skin moist and oil-free, as it is a natural humectant. Spread a thin layer of raw honey onto your face and let it fry for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat this process for a few days and you will be the biggest admirer of the positive change!

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal can help a lot in calming the inflamed skin as well as absorbing the excess oil. It also works well in exfoliating the dead skin. When used in facial masks, the oatmeal is usually in the grounded form. It can also be mixed with honey, yogurt, mashed bananas, or papaya. Apply this mixture and leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Once done, rinse with warm water, and pat dry. You can even use this mixture to massage your face for about two to three minutes.

3. Egg whites and lemons

Lemons and egg whites are one of the best folk remedies for oily skin. Both the ingredients work well to tighten up the pores. The acid in lemon and other fruits helps in absorbing the oil. According to studies, lemon is also packed with antibacterial qualities. Combine an egg white with a teaspoon of "freshly-squeezed" lemon juice. Apply this mixture and leave it until the mask dries. Wash with warm water, and pat dry.

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4. Aloe Vera

Probably the most widely known home remedy, Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for skin problems. According to the experts, it helps in the treatment of flaky skin caused due to oil patches. Hence, it is very beneficial to treat oily skin. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel before bed and leave it until morning. Although avoid leaving it for too long if you have sensitive skin.

5. Almonds

Grounded almonds will not only work to exfoliate the skin, but it will also soak up the excess oil and impurities. One can make a face scrub as well as a face mask with grounded almonds. To make a scrub take 3 teaspoons of ground almonds. Add 2 teaspoons of raw honey to it. Apply this mixture to your face in a circular motion. Wash it off with warm water after a few minutes.

All the remedies mentioned above are natural easy-to-find remedies. It is also important to reduce the use of foundation on oily skin. Buy water-based products instead of oil-based products. Apart from these practising consistent skin care and avoiding fried foods are also essential.


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