Hair thinning in women and female pattern hair loss

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Hairs play a significant role in the looks of a person. Traditionally long voluminous hair has been viewed as an idea of beautiful hair. Long and well-kept hair has always enhanced the personality of a person.

Though hair loss affects men and women both alike, acceptance of hair loss is better in men than women. That is the reason, there are more products for men than for women.

However, women also start losing hair much earlier than they think it would happen and start experiencing Female Pattern hair loss. In women, the hair thinning can begin from the teenage, but it is typically around 40 that they notice a loss of volume.

Experts categorize female hair thinning into three distinct stages.

Conventionally the stages were divided based on the age of onset of thinning.

The thining that starts in the early years (mostly teens) is called androgenetic alopecia. It is a typical male and female pattern thinning.

When hair thinning starts in later ages say 60-70 or above, it is called senescent thinning or age-related thinning. It is believed to be happening due to natural body processes.

In recent years studies have found another age group in women in the range of 45 to 55 years witnessing hair thinning. This group is called female pattern hair loss. In this stage, the role of androgens is not clearly defined as it is in Androgenetic alopecia.

A few years back, people believed that it was androgenetic alopecia, which started in the teens and continued until later ages as a continuous process. But with recent studies, it has been found that for ages 40 and above, the enzymes related to androgenetic alopecia are negligible. Therefore this stage is categorized as a separate stage of hair thinning in women.

Standard treatment for all these three stages is Minoxidil. However, Minoxidil has its pros and cons. Suppose you are in a medical condition, doctors advice to avoid Minoxidil. It is due to the side effects it causes. In the case of follicles that have not grown properly, Minoxidil takes approximately 6 to 12 months to show some response. 

For all those women in ages 45 - 55, the female pattern hair loss can safely be treated using organic hair oils. Hair oils infused with ayurvedic herbs work miraculously and do not have any side effects. These herbs are used since ancient times in Indian and Chinese geographies.

Herbs such as bhringraj, rosemary, and nettle are very effective in preventing hair loss. Almond oil, lemongrass, and peppermint oil give a natural shine and vigor to your hair, making it strong and healthy.
The takeaway

If you are experiencing hair loss, you first need to identify the reason for it. Only then can you find the right treatment. A wise thing to do is to prevent hair loss by identifying hair thinning and taking preventive steps. While you experience hair thinning, keep your hair moist and well-nourished. Consult a hair expert and go for natural products that can be used for a long time without worrying about adverse side effects.

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