Natural Alternatives Of Minoxidil

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What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is one of the oldest FDA approved drugs that helps prevent hair loss. However, the effectiveness of minoxidil is limited and negated by its side effects. Due to this reason, several people are looking for alternatives to minoxidil.

Side effects of minoxidil

The most common side effects are rashes, itching, dark circles around eyes, and shortness of breath. Some people also experience skin aging and headaches. These side effects may not affect a healthy person but can show a multiplier effect in people with chronic health conditions. Such people should look for natural alternatives to minoxidil.

Another reason people look for alternatives to minoxidil is long term use. Minoxidil starts becoming less effective after a few months of use. The effectiveness reduces even further with long term use and reaches a point where many people start finding it ineffective.

Once you stop using minoxidil, most people see a sudden hair loss, largely negating the hair growth seen while using it.

A significant number of people witness hair loss due to DHT (the hormone related to male and female baldness). However, minoxidil does not do anything to stop hair loss arising due to DHT.

The natural alternatives

There are many natural hair loss products that one can use without experiencing any side effects. People with underlying health conditions must keep away from any drug-based hair loss products.

Revitalize natural hair growth oil treatment; our flagship product is powered by scientifically proven herbs that tropically block DHT and increase blood flow to hair follicles for active hair growth. The oil is made from ayurvedic herbs that promote beautiful hair and also contain natural oils that help with hair growth and correct hair issues.

Revitalize hair growth oil is truly a natural replacement for minoxidil. People will health conditions can use this oil without fearing any side effects. 

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