How often you should oil your scalp?

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Oiling the scalp or massaging the scalp with oil is essential for hair nutrition. Though each hair follicle has oil glands, yet our scalp gets dry due to many factors. The most common reason for scalp dryness is the clogging of pores on the scalp. Most of us lead a lifestyle that exposes us to heat and dust, and a thin layer of dust clogs the scalp's pores. An oil massage helps by moisturizing the scalp and unclogging the pores.

Generally, hair is of three types: dry, regular, and oily hair. The frequency of oil massage depends on your hair type.

People with healthy hair can oil their scalp once or twice a week. If you have not oiled your scalp for a long time, you may want to do it daily or alternate days for the first week and return to once or twice a week after that. Weekends are a good time to oil your scalp as you are relaxed and can leave your scalp oiled for some time before taking a bath. We recommend a cooling time of half to one hour before you wash your hair. If possible, leave the scalp oiled overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

People with oily hair usually want to stay away from using oil on their scalp. No one likes sticky hair, and oiling the scalp will make it even stickier. But remember that giving an oil massage helps relax your scalp and unclogs the pores. You may want to oil your scalp once a week or once every 15 days, but you must do it regularly. Oily hair are generally thin and get more cumbersome due to excessive oil secretion. It may lead to hair fall. Oiling your scalp with a natural hair oil will strengthen your hair roots and prevent excessive hair fall. Rosemary oil for hair growth is another popular oil to strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall.

If you have dry hair, then you need to oil your scalp at least every alternate day. Many people with dry hair follow a routine of oiling their scalp daily for a few minutes and leaving the scalp oiled until they take a bath. It relives the scalp from flakiness, itching, and prevents rashes.

Ayurvedic oils are best for hair massages as they relax and rejuvenate while giving adequate hair nutrition. If you have dry scalp and suffer from flakiness and itching, you may want to consider a hair oil treatment. We always recommend using natural hair products such as hair oils, shampoos, and even combs. Try using a jade comb to relax and keep your scalp and hair in great shape. It has a natural cooling effect and gives excellent results.

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