How is Argan oil beneficial for the hair?

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Once every now and then, a miracle beauty product comes into the picture that instantly solidifies its place in the beauty cabinet. Having a nickname of 'liquid gold' argan oil is definitely that sort of beauty product. Although it is not any new sort of product, it has very recently gotten a firm place in the global beauty world. While it can be great for several benefits, it particularly works wonders on the hair. Continue to read further about how this magical herb can benefit your hair in a variety of ways. 

1. Smooths frizz and seals split ends

Just another important benefit to the numerous benefits provided by the argan, it helps in smoothing those irritating frizziness and puts a seal to those split ends. How? Argan is blessed with a huge amount of vitamin E and omega fatty acids. These work to provide the much-needed moisture as well as protection to the damaged and frayed hair. These nutrients strengthen the hair and soothe those frizz and split ends. 

2. Adds shine to the hair

It is quite renowned for adding a "shampoo advertisement" kind of shine to the hair. When compared to other types of oil, Argan oil is easily soaked up by the hair strand and hence doesn't leave a greasy residue as an after-effect. Since it is rich in fatty acids, it encourages shine and luster back to the hair. Before you style your hair next time, apply a few drops of argan oil to your wet hair. While for dry hair, apply a few drops towards the end. All of this is mainly the result of it having large amounts of important fatty acids. 


3. Encourages better hair growth

Argan oil consists of phenols - these are extremely stimulating to the scalp and helps in encouraging new hair growth. Experts recommend massaging your scalp for several minutes each day. This helps in stimulating the flow of blood and opening of the pores. The end result is better and faster hair growth as compared to before. It also helps in escalating the production of keratin. Consequently, this stimulates better hair growth and extends the lifespan of the hair follicles. 


4. Condition those locks 

Being highly moisturizing in nature, Argan oil has proven to be a great hair mask and conditioner for hair. The molecules of Argan oil are smaller than other oils and hence, it's easier for it to penetrate the hair cuticles. This leads to making the hair softer and easier to manage.  It also helps in reducing the tangles and dryness of the hair. One can use argan oil in its pure form or opt for argan oil-infused natural hair care products. No matter in what way it is used, the results wouldn't disappoint you for sure. 


5. Healthier scalp 

Argan oil has proven to be very effective for individuals that experience problems such as flakes and dandruff. Argan oil yields anti-inflammatory advantages and prevents the pores from clogging, which leads to hair follicles getting affected in a negative way. One can take a few drops of argan oil and gently massage the scalp with it, stimulating better blood circulation. However, leaving it on overnight before washing it off in the morning is found out to be the best way to maximize the benefits from it.  

As we have studied, argan oil helps in moisturising our hair as well as scalp from the damage we put our hair through every day of every week. By minimizing the breakage and split ends, giving healthier scalp, argan prevents several hair-related problems such as hair loss, damaged hair, and hair fall. Argan is a complete package for healthier hair and there's no reason that it should not be added to your hair care routine.

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