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"You become what you eat". This is rightly said. You get yourself bombarded with numerous hair care products when it comes to the desire of improving the growth and thickness of your hair. Majority of the people forget that proper nutrition is one of the most crucial requirements to have healthy hair. Replace all those packaged and processed food with real, whole, and natural food. Similarly, stop using those chemical-packed hair care products because all they do is cause more damage to your hair and pockets. 

What should I consume? What all foods are necessary for the regrowth of my hair? Looking for answers to such questions? Well, don't you worry! 

Following is the list of some of the best foods one can eat to promote hair growth:

1. Flax Seeds

Being full of polyunsaturated fatty acids, flax seeds help in increasing the growth of hair, nourishes the scalp, and prevent dryness. They are also a very reliable source of vitamin B - a group of nutrients useful for the stronger and faster growth of hair. The presence of vitamin E helps in reducing the effects of free radicals on the scalp, thereby improving hair growth. Adequate intake of vitamin E is beneficial, as it helps in making the hair follicles stronger. One of the easiest and renowned ways of consuming flax seeds is by sprinkling ground flax seeds into the yogurt, oats, or smoothie. Otherwise, one can eat the grounded seeds directly or use them in the form of oil. 

2. Greek Yogurt 

Rich in protein, Greek Yogurt is definitely something all women should add to their diet on a daily basis. Consisting of vitamin B, it also helps in increasing the blood flow towards the scalp and increasing hair growth. It helps in fighting against hair problems such as thinning and falling of hair. Greek yogurt consists of a huge amount of protein, which is the building block for our hair. Being versatile, one can incorporate Greek yogurt in the form of smoothies, parfaits, and dips. The best attribute of Greek yogurt is the presence of probiotics. These are a good type of bacteria that helps in the absorption of nutrients for our body.

3. Sweet Potatoes 

Are you worried about the dryness and thinness of your hair? Here is the perfect remedy for that. Sweet potatoes are filled with antioxidants known as beta carotene. This helps in fighting against the problems of hair. It also leads to the glands in your scalp in producing sebum that prevents the hair from drying out. Beta carotene can be easily found in pumpkin, mangoes, and carrots as well. The presence of vitamin A and fiber is slightly higher in sweet potatoes than the white potatoes. They also help in improving the immunity and health of the body. 

4. Spinach 

Like many green vegetables, spinach is rich in several healthy nutrients. It is loaded with vitamin A, iron, folate, beta carotene as well as vitamin C. These together contribute towards a healthy scalp and mane. They even provide moisture to the hair and prevents them from breaking. Kale is another great alternative if anyone does not like spinach. The presence of vitamin C in these dark green leafy vegetables helps in protecting and maintaining the membranes of hair follicles. Hence, this is the reason that green veggies are extremely helpful in the growth and thickness of hair. 

5. Salmon 

Different fishes like salmon, mackerel, and sardines consist of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids can end up doing wonders to the health of your hair. A human body cannot produce these fatty acids on its own, so getting them from food or supplements remains to be the best option. Apart from promoting healthy and shiny hair, they help in protecting our bodies from diseases. Beyond providing support to hair's growth, Salmon helps in the reduction of inflammation and making the central nervous system healthier. 

As previously mentioned, it is extremely important to have nutrient-rich food in order to have thick and healthy hair. Cinnamon, eggs, berries, nuts, oysters, and soybeans are other examples of such healthy food that are highly recommended for improving the growth and health of your hair.


In addition to the right food, you should also consider a proper hair care routine using natural hair growth products.

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