Smart ways to add instant volume to your hair

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Bigger is always better! Got an occasion coming up? Not enough time left and hence you're worried about your hair? Don't worry, we got you all covered. 

If your volume is suffering from challenges, then listen up - you're not alone. Over the years numerous women have had their share of falling curls, bangs that were glued to their foreheads, and limp locks. To reduce your stress and work, we have compiled a list of "smart ways" to add instant volume to your hair. Mind you, these are pro tips and hence each of them is tried and beauty-editor tested. 

Here's how you can smartly cheat your way and add instant volume to your hair:

1. Change the part

Chances of you having a favourite place to part your hair are quite high. This place is where your hair prefers to fall naturally or on the side next to it. This becomes a problem often, as this is that same place where your hair lies mostly flat. Now, flip your part to the opposite side and see you having extra volume at the crown. To give it a good height, go for a deep side part on the opposite end when your hair is dry. 

2. Back-brush it

Now you're not supposed to aggressively back-brush your hair with a fine-toothed comb - this will just tangle your hair more.  One can create soft volume by back-brushing those roots with the help of a large paddle brush. The recommended technique is to pin up the topmost layer of the hair and then work sections by sections to back-brush the rest of them. Hold each section away from your head and then brush them in a downward motion. 

3. Blow-dry upside down

Still have not perfected your hair blow-drying technique? No need to worry.  One of the most effective shortcuts to have voluminous hair is to blow out them by flipping your hair upside down. The reason this trick always works is that the roots are automatically lifting off the scalp when you flip your hair upside down. You can even finish off these ends with a straightener to get that "straight with volume" look. Never thought that a simple hairdryer can help you in adding volume to your hair? We bet, you didn't! 

4. Sleeping in a bun

Sleep overnight with damp hair tied in a bun and wake up with volume and waves added to your hair. It's super beneficial and acts as a proper overnight volume cheat and requires absolutely no heat! After taking a shower at night, pull your damp hair in a high yet loose bun. The hair will dry lifted off the scalp, so when you wake up and take the bun down, you are going to have instant volume and softness in your hair. An alternative to this is to sleep with a stretchable fabric headband. This is another easy way to add temporary volume to your hair. 

5. Use volume-building products

This is a no-brainer but you'll be shocked how the volume-building products are best if you want to add instant volume to your hair. The only thing you need to make sure of is that these products should be natural and consist of natural healthy ingredients. Nothing of those chemical-loaded products, please. Go for herbal volume-building products and you won't regret it a bit. 

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, crimping of your roots, applying dry shampoo, putting in hot rollers, washing your hair the right way, and adding some colour to it are other ways to add instant volume to your hair.

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