Scalp care and its extreme importance for healthy hair

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Protecting your scalp and taking its care is a key factor if one wants "healthy" hair. This is imperative for all, men and women, young and old. It is impossible to have healthy hair without detoxifying the scalp and removing the impurities. The beauty and health of hair start from its root. Just like your skin or hair, the scalp requires a proper amount of care too. 

The scalp is said to be the 'foundation' of your hair. Hence, keeping it healthy and clean is an integral part of achieving healthy hair growth. If not, this may result in a range of hair issues like inflammation, severe itching, and dandruff.

In this guide, we'll explain more about why your scalp needs more attention. You will also learn about improving your hair and scalp care routines. With the help of these tips and facts, you will able to learn strategies to improve the hair growth and health. 


The readers must've understood that a healthy scalp is a foundation for quality hair follicles. There are various other causes to take care of the scalp. Take notes of the following points for better scalp health: 

Thicker-looking hair: If your hair fails to receive the proper nutrition it requires, your hair will definitely not look as thick as usual. If the follicles are affected, the hair will lose its shine resulting in damaged and dry hair. Scalp care promotes luxurious and thick hair to a very great extent. 

Promoting hair growth while aging: Taking good care of the scalp can help you in slowing down the effects of hair aging. Have you noticed aging skin losing moisture and getting wrinkles? Likewise, older hair follicles stop producing youthful and luxurious hair like before. Taking care of the scalp by focusing on retaining nutrients and moisture will help in growing healthy hair follicles. 

Healthy hair follicles and shaft: The scalp is the exact part of the head where hair follicles reside. This is also the place where the hair shaft starts. Thus, it becomes highly important to take care of the scalp. Having a proper scalp care routine will result in improving hair growth from the base. 

Now, how to know if you have a healthy scalp or an unhealthy one? Do not worry, we got you covered! 


When the scalp is healthy, one may be able to notice a few benefits in their appearance. One can notice these while washing the hair or styling it. Look for the following signs to find if your scalp is healthy: 

Moisture-rich tresses: One of the biggest signs of a healthy scalp is hair having plenty of shine and moisture. In case one has curly hair, then their hair will appear bouncy and supple. Straight and wavy hair will show plenty of definition as a sign of a healthy scalp. 

Thick and full hair: A very important sign of having a healthy scalp is not having thin hair. The hair will have no breakage present at all too. Rather the hair will be thick and full all over the head. The roots of the hair will show similar signs as well. 

Clean and clear skin: A healthy scalp remains free of dandruff and dry flakes. There are no signs of inflammation or irritation at all. The skin may sometimes appear pink or flesh-coloured, but never as swollen or red. 

Just realised that you do not have a healthy scalp? Following are a few tips on striving for a healthier scalp: 

Frequent massage on your scalp: Probably the easiest tip on the list, scalp massage has a lot of benefits. They feel great and relieve stress. Them being great for the health of hair is a widely known fact. Scalp massage with a natural hair oil leads to stimulating the blood vessels and nerves on top of the head. It helps to drive nutrients and oxygen towards the hair follicles. 

Minimising hair treatments: A very obvious yet the most ignored point, chemical treatments can be the worst enemy for your hair. Treatments like straightening and bleaching affect the scalp to a huge extent. Stay away from such chemical and heating treatments and watch your hair become healthy. 

Style and brush gently: Brushing, straightening, or curling your hair too hard can end up ruining the hair's health. It leads to damaging the hair follicles. Instead, one should brush and style their hair very gently. This will keep each and every follicle intact and keep the hair healthy. 

Apart from these tips, analyse your daily habits and routine. See how your activities are affecting your health and your hair. Work on getting rid of all unhealthy habits. Have a proper scalp care routine and follow it on a consistent basis. After following all this, you will be the first person to see the positive change in your hair and its quality.

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