How to care for fine and thin hair?

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Hair loss can happen naturally or due to the use of harsh chemicals. People with thin hair are more prone to hair loss and need to protect their hair than those with thicker hair. It is because light hair breaks easily, and people with thin hair are more susceptible to hair loss. Today, we shall look at some tips on how to strengthen thin hair and protect them for a long hair life.

  1. Use hair color: Hair colors are made up of chemicals. The popular belief is that using color causes damage to hair. It is true when the color is processed for a long time. Hair professionals are well aware of this and apply the color to our hair just for the right amount of time. The result is good looking and healthier hair.
  2. Shampoo your hair: Once again, shampooing thin hair often makes them weak and result in hair loss. But dirty hair leads to hair loss as well. People with thin hair have more hair than those with thicker hair, and each hair follicle has its oil gland. Due to this, thin hair quickly gets greasy. In such a case, it is advisable to shampoo your hair often, but only on your hair roots — shampoo full hair only when your hair gets dirty.
  3. Drying and Ironing: Thin hair is generally non-voluminous, so there is practically no need for using a flattening iron. Flattening iron causes immense damage to thin hair, causing hair loss. If you want to blow dry, thin hair, use the dryer on low heat or without heat.
  4. Use the right hair volumizing products: Use hair volumizing products like mousse and apply it only on hair roots. Do not apply any volumizing product (especially the ones containing paraffin) on outer hair. It makes the hair heavy and susceptible to breaking easily.

Thin hair is a great gift as it can easily be styled in different ways. However, following the above tips will only ensure their longevity by keeping them in good health and you with great looks.


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