How to keep your scalp healthy

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Everyone wants to be good looking, and our hair plays an essential role in deciding our looks. Shining and healthy hair are a result of a healthy scalp. Yes, you can also get great looking hair by following a few tips.

  1. A balanced diet. A diet rich in proteins and antioxidants is essential for the health of our scalp. Make a balanced diet plan that includes green leafy vegetables, beans, eggs, fish, chicken, and nuts. Protein is good for hair, and antioxidants improve blood flow to the scalp, resulting in better hair growth.

  2. Wash hair on alternate days. Washing your hair on alternate days is a good practice. It lets the hair's natural oils go to the scalp and keep it healthy. On the other hand, daily washing your hair tends to dry up the scalp and may make it itchy. Of course, sometimes, when your hair needs it, you may wash your hair on consecutive days too. The idea behind alternate washing days is to keep the scalp a little moist in a natural way.

  3. Massage Your Hair. A hair massage is the best way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. At the same time, a hair massage helps you keep a healthy scalp and aids hair growth. Doing your hair massage with a natural hair oil keeps it adequately moist and nurtured.

  4. Avoid Hair Colour. Hair colors are often made up of chemical dyes that can be harmful to your scalp. In many cases, hair color may cause gradual damage to hair by taking away the moisture and natural oils from your hair. If you must use hair color, go for natural hair colors, and use them less frequently.

  5. Use Hair Packs. There are many natural hair packs available today. Using a hair pack keeps your scalp moisturized and healthy. You can also make a hair pack at home using readily available natural ingredients. Our recommendation is to use a hair pack once a week.

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