Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

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A head massage can relax and relieve you from a headache. One head massage and all your tiredness are gone!

But did you know that a head massage can help you in hair growth?
That's what we are going to talk about in today's post. Read on to know how a head massage helps with hair growth.

For a head massage to help grow hair, you need to do it on the scalp and not just hair. Especially if you have long hair, you mustn't miss out on massaging your scalp.

While massaging your scalp, you need to apply pressure with your fingers on to your scalp. Not only does this relax you, but it will also start the process for hair growth.
When you massage your scalp, it increases the flow of blood to hair follicles. Hair follicles are made up of stem cells, and increased blood circulation provides more oxygen, stimulating hair growth. As a side result, your hair thickens and becomes stronger.

An important thing to remember is that hair growth with scalp massage is a gradual process. You will not see instant results. It takes many months before you see a noticeable change in your hair. Another critical factor is the use of hair oil. Though you can use any hair oil, there are specific hair growth oils like our Revitalize hair growth oil treatment. The hair growth process becomes faster and more productive with the use of proper hair oil.

You can also use a scalp massage brush to make the process even more effective.

Though a head massage can easily be done at home, some people who find it difficult can take the service of a therapist.

For sufficient hair growth, we recommend doing scalp massage using a hair growth oil on alternate days and with dry fingers on the remaining days.

Both your routine, the oil play an essential role in your hair growth. Go for oil with natural ingredients as its much safer than chemical-based oils. Since most people struggle with keeping up to just one hair routine, choosing a hair oil that helps with hair growth as well as gives strength and shine to your hair.

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