Six Common Reasons for Hair loss

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Estimates show an average person loses 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. If your hair loss is higher than this number, you have a problem. Hair loss could be genetic or induced by your lifestyle and eating habits. Let us have a look at what could be the reasons for your hair loss.

1. Not having enough protein

Protein is what builds up your hair, and lack of it causes hair to stop growing, or they grow at a slow pace. Protein deficiency can result in massive hair fall and change of color. There are many good sources of protein, such as meats and beans.

2. Not having enough iron

Meat is a good source of iron. Vegetarians are more prone to have an iron deficiency, which may lead to hair loss. It is essential to take vegetables like spinach to ensure adequate iron intake. Some of us go for iron supplements but should only be taken when advised by a doctor.

3. Stressful situations

Real-life stresses like financial difficulties or loss of a loved one can make you stressed, causing hair loss. Such hair loss is generally temporary and can be reversed once you are out of your situation or after things have healed up with time.

4. Using hair products that don't suit you

Sometimes we use hair products that are not easy on our scalp. As an example, too much chemical treatment on hair (for styling purposes) increases the risk of hair fall. Excessive use of heating tools like a straightening iron can also cause hair loss.

Chemically formulated hair oil can be harsh on your scalp too. Using natural hair products such as natural hair oil and shampoo reduces the risk of hair fall to a great extent.

5. Thyroid Problem

The thyroid produces hormones to regulate many essential body functions such as heart rate and body temperature. A problematic thyroid can adversely affect our health and also leads to hair fall.

Many unusual hair loss cases are linked to the thyroid. If experiencing an abnormal hair fall, get your thyroid checked by a doctor.

6.Post-pregnancy hair loss

During pregnancy, estrogen levels in your body change and become a cause for no hair loss. However, after giving birth, hair loss starts happening at an almost double pace than usual. You need to pass this phase as you can't do anything about it. This hair would eventually grow and not result in a permanent hair loss as it may appear to some of us.o

Unless the hair loss is genetic, it is controllable by following due precautions. These include developing a healthy lifestyle and eating a diet rich in protein and iron. Finally, natural hair products are an excellent investment to protect and enrich your hair.

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