Marshmallow root - The natural herb with several benefits for the hair

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Marshmallow root or Althea officinalis is a polycrest herb that is also popular by the name of white mallow herb. Native to Africa and several parts of Europe as well, it has been a part of herbal treatments for centuries now. It has also gained a lot of importance in the world of Ayurveda for its high amounts of benefits for the skin and hair. Having already described its overview and benefits for the skin, let us take a look at how Marshmallow root is beneficial for the hair. 

1. Prevents breakage and split ends

Being blessed with huge amounts of plant protein and vitamins, Marshmallow root encourages stronger hair due to the healthy nutrients and vitamins present in it. Therefore, it is an effective tool for bringing down the count of those split ends as well as breakage of hair. The components of the herb work to make the hair strands thicker, leading to making the hair stronger and healthier.

2. Add volume and bounce

Marshmallow root plays a crucial role in adding life back to your hair by bringing its natural shine and volume back. Having a huge amount of several types of natural and healthy vitamins and nutrients, its usage provides instant nourishment and hydration to both the hair and scalp. As per experts, using Marshmallow roots on a consistent basis leads to making the texture of the hair soft, radiant, and bouncy, giving it a fuller and bouncy touch. 

3. Encourages hair growth

Marshmallow root comprises of mucilage. This mucilage causes an encouragement in the growth of hair. It works by binding with the proteins in the hair and this leads to making the strands strong and thick. It is also proven to stimulate healthier hair growth when used in the form of a hair conditioner and detangler. Everyone desire of having a great growth of hair, while only a few are able to experience this - marshmallow makes it easier to achieve this desire. 

4.Healthy scalp 

Marshmallow root is known to be a brilliant medium for adding a soothing and relieving touch to the hair and scalp. The properties and nutrients work to provide the much-needed nourishment and hydration to the scalp and make it soft and silky. It also helps in improving the circulation of blood, thereby encouraging a healthier scalp. As a widely known fact, a healthy scalp is the basis of having healthy hair and prevent them from damage and other such issues. It is highly recommended for people that have a sensitive scalp. 

Marshmallow root is the real deal! Its benefits and properties are extremely great and hence start incorporating it into your diet and hair care routine to start reaping its benefits because your hair deserves these healthy nutrients. 

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