Which health problems can result in hair loss?

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The easiest way to think about hair problems is to imagine a picture of a garden in front of you. The growth and everything about the plans present in the garden depend on what is happening underground. Similarly, our hair and skin are said to be the windows of our overall health. Hence, there may be a chance that the hair problem faced by you is a consequence of some health issue of your body. Following is a list of some of the common hair problems and the issues associated with them:

1. Brittle hair? Result of iron deficiency

Although everyone's hair does need moisture from time to time, the brittle texture of your hair could be a sign of zinc and/or iron deficiency. As per the experts, zinc and iron are vital for the production of keratin. Hence, not having enough of these can cause changes to the structure of your hair. Foods such as pumpkin seeds, beef, and lentils are rich in these nutrients.  

2. Dry scalp and hair? Result of a deficiency of healthy fats

For hair and scalp that remain to be dry all around the year, healthy fats are the solution for them. These are quite important to our diet as they promote a healthy scalp. This gives life to your strands. Think about improving the health of your hair by supporting it with an abundance of healthy fats. Avocado, Olive oil, and salmon are a few examples of such vital and healthy fats.

3. Sudden hair loss? Result of protein deficiency 

Protein is said to be the building base of our cells and forms a major proportion of our hair. Hence, it is very essential to have a protein-rich diet on a consistent basis. Otherwise, the lack of protein in your body can lead to deteriorating the quality of your hair. This ultimately results in hair loss. 

4. Premature greying of hair? Result of stress and anxiety

Premature greying of hair can be caused by genetics as well. Hence, people with a history of premature greying hair the family often faces this problem. Although, stress and anxiety are found to be the most common cause of premature greying of hair amongst the masses. Increased stress leads to an increase in the production of cortisol hormones. This results in accelerating the aging process. 

5. Hair Shedding? Result of Anaemia

Our blood naturally consists of iron, and just as protein, it is required for a lot of important processes of our body. Its adequate levels are important in maintaining the health of our hair as well. If all of a sudden you notice a lot more hair in the hairbrush and shower floor, this often is the sign of this. 

Now you must've understood about the strong influence your health has on your hair's condition. A healthy body makes healthy hair. One should pay more attention to the healthy and ayurvedic herbs rather than spending huge amounts of money on chemicals. 

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