Tips for frizz-free hair this summer

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While the summers may bring along some beauty benefits, it can be a crapshoot season for your hair. Summers frizz can get even the best of the hair. The combination of humidity and heat can do various damages to those valuable hair strands. Is the answer to give up and sport a bun for the entire summer season? Nah! Preventing summer frizziness is not that difficult if you're willing to put in a little effort. Once you get the right tips and have the routine in place, you'll beat this frizziness easily. 

Check out the few easy ways to keep your valuable locks healthy and frizz-free:

1. The shower

Start with shampoos and conditioners containing anti-frizz elements and benefits. While scouting shampoos and conditioners look for words such as - dry scalp, smoothing, and ultra-moisturizing. Finding the ones that are formulated especially for wavy and curly hair could be a bonus. Go for a wide-tooth comb as well. After getting done with shampooing your hair, actually, comb your conditioner throughout your hair. This makes sure that strands are coated and have detangling benefits. Leave the conditioner for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. 

2. The Cut

If your hair is prone to frizziness, the chances of them getting more prone increases when they are cut short. Although you for sure will be tempted to cut them shorter in summers, try to understand that it might lead to a frizzy situation. Make sure to notify your stylist about your frizzy hair and go for a cut that will enable easy care and maintenance. 

3. The Styling

Now when you're sitting in front of your vanity mirror for styling, make sure you remember the following. Ensure that liquid products such as hairspray are alcohol-free. Alcohol is found in a lot of products and is known to dry out the hair. It's about time you ditch your brush and rather go for a comb to keep those cuticles closed. Use ceramic, ionic, and/or tourmaline heat tools only if it is very necessary. Better is not using any kind of heat tools and letting your hair air dry in its natural-textured shine. Try your best to use a hot oil leave-in treatment at least once every week.

4. The Prevention

If you are about to spend an entire day under the sun, make sure you are willing to protect your hair like you protect your skin. In the market, there are various hair products that contain SPF as well. Although, a smart and comfortable hat does the trick too! Sleeping on the satin pillowcases ward off hair snagging on the fibers at the microscopic level. While on those standard cotton cases this problem usually happens. 

5. The Glow

After you get out of the shower, avoid drying off with those heavy wet towels. The rough texture of those towels can end up rupturing the curls and waves and result in creating frizz. Rather use a towel or any other piece of cloth that absorbs water. Use the same cloth to squeeze out the excess moisture. When you have to apply your anti-humidity products, start by applying them on damp hair. Leave-in conditioners and detangling solutions will also help in providing shine to your hair. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tips you also need to have a well-balanced diet and increase your water intake. This will help a lot in keeping your body hydrated and improving the quality of your hair. Summers can be a hard season to deal with hair frizziness. Although, these tips will definitely make it easier for you and will make your summers enjoyable!

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