Mother’s Day gifts - Check out what celebrities have been gifting their mothers

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Each one of us wants to treat our mothers like celebrities on this very special day. However, did you ever wonder how do celebrities honour their moms on this day?

 Here are a few star-studded stories of children gifting their mothers some star-studded as well as simple gifts.

1. David & Victoria Beckham - Two Audis

David Beckham is one of the richest athletes in the world, while Victoria is nicknamed Posh Spice. It comes as no surprise that the couple once gifted their moms Audi Q3s on Mother’s Day. The gift costed them around a mere $46,000 and proved that not everyone can bend it like Beckham, eh? 

2. Ivanka Trump - Versace & Chanel

The little girl of Donald Trump has all grown up and has become a successful businesswoman in her own right. Ivanka Trump was once asked about what gift will she be picking up for her mother as the Mother’s Day gift. Her reply? She selected a Chanel handbag and a Versace pillow, along with a few other luxury items. Well, the gifts fit perfectly in the bracket of a woman's every essential.

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3. Justin Bieber - The musical gift

When a person is a multi-millionaire and a multi-platinum recording artist, a homemade card is probably not going to cut it on Mother's Day. Although, a homemade song sounds just right, doesn't it? A few years back, Bieber released a song entirely dedicated to his mother - "Turn to you." To top this very special gift off, all the proceeds from the song went towards Bethesda Centre. It was an Ontario-based women's shelter that helped Justin's mother when she was pregnant back in the day. 

4. Ryan Reynolds - Photogenetic

Making his living on films, Ryan Reynolds preferred to get behind the camera when it came to Mother’s Day gifts. The actor usually turns into a photographer and personalizes his gifts for his mother, all by himself. Every year the actor usually makes a photo album consisting of photos of that year's events and gifts it to his mother on Mother’s Day. According to him, it's these personal gifts that really set his parents on fire. “Or I may just give them my therapy bill.", the actor said.

5. LeBron James - Words and much more

The iconic athlete and two-time NBA champion, LeBron James once gifted a Porsche to his mother. Although, an essay written by him on his mom for The Shriver Report can easily be considered one of the most touching gifts a mother could ever ask for. This essay consisted of James writing about ways to help struggling single mothers in making a living and raising their kids. He went on to say that this first-hand piece perfectly described his mother when she was raising him.

All the gifts mentioned above ranged from costing billions to costing absolutely nothing, but just a little effort. This indeed proves that although the gift is important, the meaning and effort behind it mean much more. Not all the gifts were star-studded but all the gifts did require a bit of time and effort - and that's what counts the most!

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