Thanks Mom - Global celebs thanking their mums for the influence

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Behind most of the successful careers, is an influential and supporting mom. Celebrities across the globe have often credited their moms for steering them towards success. For some of these starts, their mom's support was very vital.

Let us look at what these celebrities had to say about their mothers.

1. Muhammad Ali

"I didn’t realize it then, but from the very beginning, my parents were helping me build the foundation for my life”. During his growth age, the iconic boxing champion had trouble in activities related to reading and spelling. Having dyslexia, Ali said he was barely able to graduate from high school. Although, this did not stop his mom even a bit from supporting Ali's dream. His mother once told him that it was his self-belief and confidence that made her support Muhammad Ali. Calling all this funny, he went on to say that in turn, it was his mom's belief in him that led to strengthening his self-belief and confidence.

2. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone's mother was the first woman in Washington to become a host of a TV show that was dedicated to power-lifting sports and exercises. Later on, she opened a women's gym. Apart from this, she was a perfect dancer, a trapeze artist in a circus, and a chorus girl at a nightclub. During labour, she had a few complications. One of the baby's nerves was damaged, and the boy took birth with a paralyzed lower face. This is the explanation for Stallone's slight fuzzy speech and the expression on his face. However, none of this stopped Sylvester's mother or him from stop dreaming and achieving success.

3. Trudie Styler

The actor and filmmaker was suffering from dyslexia and ADHD while growing up. Her mom was a fierce advocate of hers throughout her school. The most important part is, her mom still taught her about the importance of communicating her own needs. Teaching her to always reach out and communicate, she was taught that the help is always there. She began this teaching of hers by giving her very basic advice - ‘When you’re lost, always ask a policeman.’ Despite having those complications while growing up, Trudie Styler's mother was a significant figure for her and guided her towards the path of success.

4. Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank labels her mother as “the inspiration for her acting career and her life." Her mother, Judy Kay used to work as an ordinary secretary. Hilary's parents broke up when she was just 15. Hence, she did not find a common ground amongst the friends and teachers but was possessed with a strong desire of becoming an actress. According to her, the only person who supported her throughout and believed in her was her mother. They both moved to Los Angeles in order to make Hilary's dream come true. Initially, they even had to live in a car for a while, until Judy was able to earn enough money to rent an apartment. Today, Hilary Swank is the winner of not one, but two Oscars!

5. Barbara Corcoran

Barbara, the real estate mogul said that her mom found unique ways to reframe her struggles of childhood. As per Barbara, her mother ended up rephrasing dyslexia as a gift in her mind during her childhood days. Even when she did not do well in her school, her mother asked her not to worry much about it. She was always told of having a wonderful imagination and that will help her in filling the blanks. She was so grateful to her that she went on to write a book - Use What You’ve Got and Other Business Lessons I Learned From My Mom.

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All the above-mentioned celebrities and many more across the world have given a huge amount of credit to their moms for them having a successful career. Renowned names belonging to different fields have attributed their mothers for standing like a pillar with them throughout the various difficulties faced by them all over their careers.

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