Super Moms - Mothers who went on to inspire the world

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On May 9, we celebrate the day of God's greatest creation - Mother’s Day! It's truly a day for the global community to recognize and appreciate the contribution of mothers around the world. (you should do that every day too). 

There is nothing in this world women cannot do, even after they become a mother. This has been proved by several mothers throughout history. Let us talk about a few mothers who went on to achieve great things and become an inspiration: 

1. Michelle Obama

The impact the Harvard-trained lawyer and writer had made in the world has been immense. To understand this, one should look no further than the portrait of former First Lady of USA hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. On the day of the unveiling of this portrait, Michelle spoke about how she looks forward to the day when young girls will be impacted when they will come across an image of "someone who looks like them" hanging on the wall of this great American institution. She worked on issues such as the childhood obesity epidemic and support for veterans. Michelle also launched an initiative Let Girls Learn - to help girls around the globe go to school.


2. The Queen Elizabeth II

Can there be a more inspirational woman on Earth than the Queen? She made raising four children whilst leading a country look easy. First became a mother in 1948, The Queen gave birth to Prince Charles. Just under two years, she had Prince Anne, followed by Prince Andrew and Prince Edward the years after. She raised them all while leading a country. So, what does her majesty think about motherhood? The Queen described it as the best job at her CBE ceremony in the year 2012. 


3. Beyonce

"Who run the world? - Girls!" - Beyonce spoke nothing but facts in one of her most successful songs. A mother of three, Beyonce is regarded as a true changemaker in the musical industry. She pioneered the way artists now release their digital and virtual albums. This inspiring icon is the most nominated woman in the history of the Grammy awards - 20 awards and 52 nods. Beyonce has been lauded for championing the black culture in recent years. She works with Chime for Change and Global Citizen - who works to reduce the inequalities and problems faced by girls and women. She believes in being a feminist, but more importantly a humanist.


4. Frances Beinecke

Mom of three and lifelong environmentalist - Frances Beinecke was the head of the National Resources Défense Council (NRDC). The NRDC is one of the most important environmental action groups in the United States of America. It was under her leadership that the group began to focus on environmental issues such as endangered life, climate change, and energy change. The highly influential environmentalist was associated with NDRC for more than 30 years. She did take a few years off to be a stay-at-home mom when her children were young.


5. JK Rowling

The author of the much-loved series of novels - Harry Potter, J.K Rowling is an inspiring woman and mother. The story of her writing Harry Potter in a cafe to escape her 'unheated flat' was an exaggeration to some extent. However, the fact that she wrote Harry Potter when she was a single mother living on state benefits is absolutely true. Today, she is known as the world's best-selling author. She 'was' the world's first billionaire author as well - was because she gave huge parts of her earnings to a charity and hence no longer holds the status of a billionaire. Rowling says, “I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life.” 

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The power of a mother is huge. They offer support, love, life, education to their children and family. Women are said to be the element that coverts a house into a home. They are expected to provide all of this alongside their juggling careers and daily life - something that is extremely tough. Respect them always!

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