How often should you wash your hair?

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Hair is an essential part of our appearance and how often to wash your hair to keep its luster and strength is something a lot of us struggle with. Some even consider washing hair as art, choosing the right organic shampoo for your hair type to selecting the right water temperature for the optimum results.
Maintaining healthy and beautiful mane is essential no matter how old you are. And there are so many rules, too much washing can dry your hair, how long to keep the conditioner, and whether to apply conditioner to your ends or your entire hair shaft.

Let’s separate truth from all the noise and discuss what’s best for your hair.

  1. Avoid washing daily: The best way to have a dry and dull hair is to wash it everyday. If that’s not the look you are going for (we are assuming you are not), wash your hair only 2-3 times a week. Over-washing can dry your hair of the natural oils and believe us, the number one rule of washing hair is not to clean it too often. Less is indeed more when it comes to hair washing.
  2. Lukewarm water and not hot: We have all made that mistake of washing our hair with hot water especially during winter. It feels so good and something that feels awesome, how can it be bad for our hair? Sorry to bring the bad news but hot water is your worst enemy if you want to keep your hair healthy. Lukewarm water is best for washing hair and if you enjoy and a scalding hot shower like me, put a shower cap. It will save your hair and still protect your hair from the heat. It will still dry your skin but we are not discussing dry skin in this blog, so we are going to let this one go. If you are interested in knowing about dry skin, you can read it here.


  1. Use a shampoo brush: I wasn’t introduced to a shampoo brush until last year. After dealing with dry, flaky scalp for years, I finally found the shampoo brush. Shampoo brush is not only good for dandruff prone scalp, but it’s also great for those who are looking for a way to wash their hair thoroughly. I believe if you are looking for a salon quality hair wash at home, use a shampoo brush. I promise you it’s the best $6 investment you will ever make and if you order on Amazon, you may be able to get a pack of 4 in $6.
  2. Avoid shampoos with sulfate and parabens: We all know that chemicals are not good for us, but rarely we check ingredients on our hair products.

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