Makeup Removal Tips

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Removing makeup each night before going to bed is the most important skin care routine one should follow. You should take the same amount of time to remove makeup as you spend applying it.

Throughout the day we expose our skin to dirt and pollution. When this dirt and pollution is mixed with our natural oils and makeup, our pores get clogged. Not removing makeup at night can result in our skin to breakouts and that’s why returning our skin to its natural state before bed should be a crucial part of your skincare regiment.

Each night remove makeup from your skin thoroughly and gently. No matter what skin type you have, sleeping with makeup on your face is the worst thing you can do for your skin. Your makeup removal solution doesn’t need to be expensive. One of the best makeup removal solutions that I have found is organic coconut oil followed by a foaming cleanser. Yes, you got that right- I recommend a two-step makeup removal and cleansing ritual. Oil-based cleanser breaks down makeup, and foaming cleanser removes excess oil from the face. This process leaves the clear of any makeup and oil residue.

There are some great organic cleansers on the market; however, you can oil to make your solution at home. Just remember organic and natural is not only healthy but its all our skin needs. Why put unnecessary chemicals on your skin when you can easily avoid them.

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