Top 5 beauty tips of Female Celebrities

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By far, the first thing a woman notices when they encounter any celebrity is their skin or hair. Women spend their hours hopping from one website to another, just to get those 'easy and best' beauty tips.

Well, look no further from here. A female celebrity spends majority of their time around some top make-up and hair artists. So, who can be better than them when it comes to skin and hair beauty?

Following is the list of some of the best beauty tips by some of the best names in this business: 

1. Hilary Duff & her glowing skin:

Quite a renowned name in the industry, Hilary Duff is an American actress and a singer-songwriter. The "secret" to her glowing skin is quite simple. She advises using a refreshing spray before putting on any kind of makeup. Using a mist before putting the foundation is known to revive dull and dried skin. Refreshing sprays consist of antioxidants, which help to increase the natural beauty of the skin as well as keep the skin hydrated all day long. 

2. Jennifer Aniston & her 'wrinkle-free' face:

An American actress and producer, Jennifer Anniston is said to be aging like a fine wine. It is no secret that her face has no signs of aging problems. So, what does she do to keep her skin look natural and beautiful? Every night after taking the makeup off, Jennifer applies Vaseline under the eyes and that has helped her in preventing facial lines and wrinkles. Vaseline is very moisturizing and hence, keeps the skin hydrated. 

3. Priyanka Chopra & her face mask:

The name that needs no kind of introduction, Priyanka Chopra is one of the most famous names in the Indian film industry. She uses a home-made mask and has advised others to give it a try as well. This face mask is quite easy to make and helps to remove the dullness from the skin. Mix equal parts of oatmeal and yogurt, then add 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric in the mixture. Apply this to your face and wash off after half an hour. 

4. Shakira & her skin secret:

Having a flawless voice and flawless skin, this list would have been incomplete without adding Shakira and her tips to this list. She said that it is extremely important to protect one's skin from the sun. Keeping the adult sunscreen aside, she uses baby SPF and has advised others to do the same as well. According to her, baby SPF is stronger than adult SPF's and hence gives the ultimate coverage from the harmful rays of the Sun.

5) Olivia Palermo & her well-rounded approach:

Calling a well-rounded approach as the main key for beautiful skin and hair, Olivia Palermo has given out a number of tips. Staying out of the sun, drinking loads of water throughout the day, and finding the best cream according to one's skin type are a few important things one needs to keep in mind. Olivia also advised eating antioxidant-rich berries on daily basis. 

These tips shared by the respected celebrities consisted all-natural things. These things are what worked the best for them. Finding your skin type and experimenting with different products still remains to be the best advice. Find what suits you best.

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